Choose Fertility Care Singapore to Ensure You Are Healthy

Being a woman is perhaps one of the greatest things ever. It means that we can give life to another being, which is something that most women dream of years before they are actually able to do it. The downside is that it isn’t always as simple as wishing for it to happen. Some women may struggle for years to have a healthy pregnancy. If this sounds all too familiar for you, you aren’t alone. You should choose fertility care Singapore to ensure that you are healthy and that a baby can be yours.
With preconception screening, you can quickly find out if you have anything that may be preventing you from having a healthy conception. This process is designed for women who may have already noticed issues. For instance, an inability to conceive after trying, excessive pain, irregular cycles, and more could all indicate that there is an underlying issue. On your first visit, you may have your blood counts checked, an examination, and more. Your partner may also be checked for overall health and sperm counts.
If something does not appear to be normal, then more testing may be done to see where exactly the problem lies. If a problem, endometriosis, or some other issue is found, then laparoscopic surgery may be something your doctor recommends. Often, the problem is more infertility, which can also be improved for some women through IVF.
IVF is the process of stimulating the ovaries, harvesting mature eggs, fertilization, re-implanting the eggs, and supporting you throughout your pregnancy. It is often an easy way to help couples become parents and we have a lot of success with it.
There are also times that we see people who want a reversal of a tubal ligation. This happens quite often as women feel that they are finished having children, but their situation has changed. Now, with a new partner or new circumstance, they want to try again.
In all cases, you can choose fertility care Singapore to ensure that you are healthy and able to support a healthy, happy pregnancy. The struggle is not yours and yours alone. There are doctors that can help you have the family that you deserve and want to have. You only have to schedule your visit with one of our fertility specialists.

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